Bohemian Chic Living Room

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I was inspired by these pictures and this china plate I found at the thrift store, and my newly engaged niece’s wedding color scheme, to redo my living room with more color and interest. Our house has an open floor plan. A few months ago, I painted the kitchen and living room areas inĀ  two shades of white (Behr Lunar Light and Behr Belvedere Cream) that complimented our pale yellow painted cabinetry. I love the new colors but the rooms were sort of boring and lacked interest. I usually play it safe with my decorating choices, but I was in the mood for something more exciting. Here is my living room before:

boho living room6boho living room5boho living room3

Time for a change! After doing a little research on Bohemian decorating style, I headed out to the Goodwill to hunt and gather treasures for my project.These are fabrics I found in the form of a pillow sham, 3 dresses and a trio of napkins.The glassware, china plates and games were all from Goodwill.

boho living room2

boho living room7

I used Krylon spray paint to change the color of a mirror and wooden candle holder:

boho living room1bohemian living room30


Then, after hauling my loot home, I cleared out the living room to start fresh.boho living room9

Bohemian style is very colorful with purples, pinks, teal blues and reds on walls, furniture and accessories. Lanterns, wicker, textured and patterned rugs, lots of fabric and prints, especially paisley or Indian block prints, pillows everywhere, wood and rustic pieces of furniture create lots of interest. The rooms have kind of a vibrant but relaxed and gypsy-like feeling to them.


I started with making pillows from three dresses, all 40%-50% off the $6.99 tag price at Goodwill, which made them between $3.50-$4.50 each. By cutting the bodice off the skirt, then cutting squares to size from the skirt fabric I was able to make 3 Boho Chic pillows for less than $15. (I already had the down pillow inserts from previous Goodwill trips. I just recycle them when I get tired of the pillow covers.) I made one pillow from napkins by sewing three sides, cutting the fourth side to make a square to fit the pillow form, and voila! The last pillow was already a sham that I slipped over a form and then sewed the white lace valance on three sides to make a “cap” and slipped it over the top. Nice contrast.boho living room11boho living room10boho living room17boho living room19boho living room15boho living room16

Next I reoriented the couch to face the fireplace. This couch is sporting a new slip cover, made from Walmart ticking fabric. (Slip-covering a couch is a whole different post and I’ll do that one later. It takes a lot of patience but the effort is well worth the time.) I added chairs from other rooms, brought in a different end table and then started moving accessories in place. This took the most time. I don’t think there is any secret to it other than moving stuff around until it looks pleasing to the eye.boho living room22boho living room23


The final result is this colorful, interesting room, Boho Chic, Nonna version.

boho living room20The whole thing only took me a day to do and was very inexpensive. I might add some fabric curtains for our large windows, that will add to the tent-like feeling that a lot of these rooms have. Some day I’ll get tired of this look and probably want to go back to a sedate, quite and understated decor, but for now, it makes me happy.


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